X Fils de Satan.

Top Albums 2016

Top Albums 2016

Notre top de fin d’année est ce qui se fait de mieux dans le genre.

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  1. Vanishing Life - Surveillance (Dine Alone)
  2. Planes Mistaken for Stars - Prey (Deathwish)
  3. Eternal Champion - The Armor of Ire (No remorse)
  4. Praise - Leave it all Behind (React Records)
  5. Sioux Falls - Rot Forever (Broken World Media)
  6. Deftones - Gore (Warner)
  7. David Bazan - Blanco (BMI)
  8. Owen - The King of Whys (Polyvinyl Records) There is beauty in sadness and Mike Kinsella knows how to express it.
  9. Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Denial (Matador) A proper indie-rock record. Thanks Will.
  10. Alcest - Kodama (Prophecy Productions) Intense and beautiful. Alcest mixes genres and Japanese influences.
  11. Sumerlands - Sumerlands (Relapse)
  12. American Football - LP2 (Polyvinyl)
  13. Basement - Promise Everything (Run for Cover)
  14. Beastmaker - Lusus Naturae (Rise Above)
  15. pg.lost - Versus (Pelagic)

  16. Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost (Big Scary Monsters) Just catch this one without crying.
  17. Joyce Manor - Cody (Epitaph) These guys know how to write catchy songs. More please.
  18. NOFX - First Ditch Effort (Fat Wreck) Best effort since, well pretty some time. Go see them live, we had so much fun.
  19. Minor Victories - Minor Victories (Play It Again Sam) Perfect mix of influences for this power combo. Touché.
  20. Angel Olsen - My Woman (Jagjaguwar) Angel is definitively one of the most interesting indie-rock female around these days.
  21. Tortoise - The Catastrophist (Thrill Jockey) Veterans do it on stage.
  22. Chestnut Road - LP2 France has a few punk rock gems and this is one of them.
  23. Cauchemar - Chapelle Ardente
  24. Bölzer - Hero (Ironhead)
  25. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow (Relapse) Some bands sound very much like others and we don’t mind as long it’s good songs and good live performance.
  26. The Men - Devil Music (We are the Men) Self-produced, straight to the point, live, the Men nailed it.
  27. Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place - You’re doomed be nice (Temporary Residence) Rob Crow does not need Pinback to release good records.
  28. Pity Sex - White Hot Moon (Run for Cover) Shoegaze is still a thing in 2016.
  29. Dinosaur Jr. - Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not (Jagjaguwar) One of the most influential indie bands of the last 30 years and they still rock.
  30. Oranssi Pazuzu - Värähtelijä (Svart) Dark and beautiful. We are in love with Finland.

C’est tout pour cette année, vivement les bons skeuds de 2017.